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Islam is completely innocent of what you bear in your mind, 11 septemper was created to get Arab’s petrol and gold, those are not my words, and guess what Isis is just another face of al Qa’ida, and search for those who have been killed on their hands, Al Kasasba, a muslim pilot wasn’t he!, those who have been killed in the Al Rawda mosque, Al Alarish, Sinai. lots of men and children have been shooted and killed, and you still think muslim=terroist, you still being deceived, bro, if there are 1000,000 suns, and you still looking down closing your eyes, you will never see them, here what ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY says in his book Al QUR’AN

{Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.} [ surat Al-Ma’idah verse 32] Sahih International translation. wake up, may ALLAH

THE MOST MERCIFUL mecry all of us. Noble Quran


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